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Best Bed Frames

Best Budget
SmartBase Mattress Foundation Elite by Zinus
  • Affordable yet durable. It is built to support up to 500 lbs of body weight with no box spring needed.

Best Value
Wen Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

Top Pick
Korey Platform Bed Frame with Upholstery by ZINUS

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Are you on the lookout for the best bed frame? If you are, then you are precisely on the right page.

A comfortable and durable bed frame is an essential factor in achieving a relaxing quality of rest. However, in today’s market, there are plenty of options. This makes it difficult for many of you to find your perfect match. But, worry not. We have shortlisted 12 of the best bed frames there are.

These bed frames fit a variety of specifications in terms of design, function, and price point. This eliminates the daunting task of researching on your own as we have gladly put all the essential details that you need to know about these products. Here are our top picks for the best bed frames.

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  • 1

    SmartBase Mattress Foundation Elite by Zinus

If you are looking for a bed frame that does not need a box spring, then this one should be on top of your consideration. It can support an accumulated weight of 500 lbs without any issue of sagging. This is because it has durable steel slats, which evenly distributes weight and pressure. You will find that your memory foam mattress will have better performance with this bed frame.

Since this bedframe does not require any box spring, it has plenty of extra storage underneath. You can fit storage boxes that are up to 12.5 inches high or use the space as storage for travel luggage. You can easily keep them away from view by being creative with your bedsheets.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the daunting task of assembly because this product is designed to be easily assembled. It has a comprehensive instruction manual, which will enable you to build it in less than 10 minutes. Once the assembly is done correctly, rest assured that you will not have any problem with sturdiness or squeaky noises.

In terms of price point, it retails at a reasonable price given that not only do you have a sturdy bed frame, you also get a storage solution as well.


No noise

Plenty of storage underneath

Durable steel slats

Easy to assemble


Reasonably priced


The headboard has to be purchased separately.

The recessed legs are dangerous for toe accidents.

The style could be more unique.

  • 2

    Lorelei Heavy Duty Steel Slat by Zinus

Here is a low profile bed frame with plenty of under-bed storage that you might like. It has a sleek and simple design that can easily coordinate with the rest of your bedroom furniture. If you want it to have an extra flair, you can put on an upholstered headboard to spice things up a bit.

You do not need to use a box spring with this bed frame because it has ten steel slats that provide optimal support to your mattress. These slats prevent sagging, which enables a more comfortable rest at night. Furthermore, despite having plenty of assembly pieces, it is steel easy to put together.

Another thing that is notable about this bed frame is its price. It is incredibly affordable, given the benefits that it will provide you. It also has a five-year warranty that you will find useful in case you experience any issue.


Sturdy slats

Attractive, simple design

Value for money

Plenty of storage space

Easy to follow instruction manual


No headboard included

Too lightweight

  • 3

    FoldablePlatform Bed Frame By AmazonBasics

Are you looking for a foldable bed frame that your friends and family can use when they visit you? Well, this one might be it. It is a foldable bed frame that comes in 5 different size options. It does not require any box spring, and it is easy to fold when not in use. You can even keep it under a sofa or inside your closet when it’s folded.

Aside from being very portable, this bed frame also has a substantial 13-inch ground clearance. If you plan to use it permanently, you can utilize the space underneath as storage. It can accommodate up to 250 lbs without issues of sagging due to its metal slats. The steel slat also improves the comfort given by your choice of a foam mattress.

This product has a 1-year limited warranty from AmazonBasics. They have responsive customer service, so you are sure to accommodate in case you encounter any issue. Its price is relatively reasonable too, so this bed frame is an excellent overall deal.




Sturdy steel frame

Chic black finish


The edges of the vertical support have sharp edges.

  • 4

    Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame by ZIYOO

If you prefer a bed frame with wooden slats, then this one is an excellent sturdy option. It has 20 wooden slats with a center support bar to ensure that the mattress is fully supported. Moreover, it has nine support legs, which give it 20% more overall weight capacity. This is why this bed is perfect for heavier individuals.

Although it can bear a lot of weight, you do not worry about annoying squeaking noises as it has a cushioning gasket. Aside from that, the reinforced steel-wood has a non-slip design that does not quickly move the bed frame and the mattress.

Moreover, this bed frame does not need a box spring, so it has a 12-inch ground clearance underneath. That space could be used as a smart storage solution for big and bulky things that you occasionally use, such as travel luggage.

This product comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty in case you encounter any issues when assembling or using it in the future.


Beautiful design

Plenty of size options

Easy to assemble

Ample of storage spaces



It is at the higher end of the price point.

The headboard is purchased separately.

  • 5

    Wen Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

Here’s another option from the classic brand Zinus which can be the right bed frame for you. It has a beautiful cherry wood finish perfect for those who are aiming for a country cottage aesthetics. It has 12 slat support with a center bar, which improves the comfort of your foam mattress. This slat support also provides storage space under the bed.

In terms of assembly, all the pieces ship to you are labeled. It also has a comprehensive instruction manual which will guide you with the step by step process. Due to that, plenty of Amazon reviews stated that they were able to assembly this bed frame in under 30 minutes by themselves.

This product has a reasonable price, given all the benefits that you get. You can also enjoy a 5-year limited warranty for free.


Classic design

Easy to assemble



You may sub your toes on the center legs.

  • 6

    Sleep Master SmartBase By ZInus

Here’s another option from Zinus for those who prefer bed frames with an adjustable base. It comes with a seven size option from twin XL to California king. It has a full black finish that will surely fit in with your other furniture inside the bedroom.

It is a platform bed frame, so you do not need to use a spring box. It has metal slats that provide support for the mattress. This bed frame can support up to 2,400 Lbs, so if you choose to get a California king, your whole family will surely fit comfortably in this bed.

This bed frame stands at 14 inches off the ground. This high ground clearance provides space for storage underneath, which you can easily cover with a few bedsheets and bed skirts. Moreover, this bed frame is a smart base mattress foundation, so it is easy to assemble and dismantle.

This price point of this bed frame differs from one size to another, but all are relatively reasonable, given the benefits that you will receive. Also, a 5-year warranty comes with its purchase, which makes it even better.


Maximized storage capacity underneath

Plenty of size options

Easy to install and dismantle

No box spring needed



The headboard is not included

Requires bracket for a headboard attachment

It produces squeaky noise when placed directly on a hardwood floor.

  • 7

    Best Price Mattress Bed Frame

Here’s a sleek and chic mattress for you to consider. It has metal slats, so you do not need to use a box spring. The metal slat also provides support to the mattress, making it firm with no issue of sagging. Furthermore, it has nine legs, which allow even distribution of weight compared to bed frames that only have four legs.

Although this bed is a metal frame, it is still noise-free, so you can sleep soundly at night despite how much movement you make. It has several size options from twin to king-size, so your preference can be accommodated. Aside from that, you can also opt to add a headboard and footboard with upholstery to make it even more stylish.

This bed frame has ease of assembly features. No tools needed, and a single individual can do it. It stands 14 inches off the ground. That ground clearance provides plenty of storage space underneath where you can store luggage bags or other miscellaneous.


Beautiful design


Spacious storage space underneath

Easy to put together

Ready for headboard attachment


The headboard is not included

It can be pricey.

  • 8

    Trisha Metal Platform Bed frame by Zinus

Most of the bed frames mentioned above do not have a headboard or require one to be purchased separately. However, this one has a built-in headboard, which is excellent. It also has a sleek modern design that is perfect for those who are going for a minimalist bedroom.

This bed frame does not need a box spring because it has wood slats and steel slats that provide support. This is why you can choose your preferred size mattress thickness without worry about sagging. Furthermore, it also includes support for those who have above average weight.

Although it has metal components, rest assured that this bed frame does not squeak. It is because it has a padded tape placed in the frame. This removes the noise despite movements so that you can sleep soundly.

Similar to other ZINUS products, this one is easy to install. All parts have labels, and the instruction manual is easy to follow. Aside from that, the manufacturer also gives a 5-year warranty in case you stumble upon issues on your bed frame.

The price point of this bed frame is in the mid-range. However, when you consider that you do not have to spend more on a headboard, it can be regarded as a fair deal.


Easy to assemble


Minimalist design

Solid fabrication


Limited storage underneath

The mattress can quickly move.

  • 9

    Lorelei Bed Frame By ZINUS

The Lorelei bed frame has unique rectangular legs that are also usable as storage space. It does not require the use of a spring box, so it has high ground clearance underneath. Furthermore, it has metal slat support, which improves the quality of your mattress and increases its longevity.

In terms of installation, this one has a similar easy assembly feature of all ZINUS bed frames. The bed base can be easily put together without using any intricate tools. The instruction manual is also comprehensive and very detailed.

This bed frame is perfect for students or young adults who are on the budget but want a stylish bed frame.


Plenty of storage space underneath

High weight capacity

Ample of mattress support


Not compatible with a headboard

The mattress slides off

  • 10

    Korey Platform Bed Frame with Upholstery by ZINUS

Here’s another bed frame that comes with a headboard, but the difference is that this one is upholstered. The upholstery provides added sophistication to the overall design of the bed frame. It also improves comfort because the headboard is padded with a faux leather finish.

There are four different size options for this bed frame, which you can customize to fit well in your room. Each size bed frame has a wood slat that keeps mattresses from sagging. It can be a pain when a queen size mattress easily slips off the bed frame, right? However, that is not the case for this one as it has non-slip tapes that restrict the cushion from moving.  Aside from that, the steel area has padded tapes which prevent squeaky noises for an even better quality of sleep.

Aside from its beautiful design, this bed frame can also function as a storage space. Its high ground clearance will enable you to put sliding boxing underneath for miscellaneous items that you want to keep away from sight.

This bed frame is easy to assemble, as well. ZINUS’s instruction manual is known to be easy to follow with informative illustrations. It can be assembled in less done an hour with no tools needed.

The price point of this one can be at the higher end. However, take note that it comes with a padded upholstered headboard that has to be purchased separately for other bed frames, so overall, it is a great deal.


Modern design

Versatile color

Plenty of storage space underneath

Four size options

Easy to assemble



No color choice available

  • 11

    Gene SmartBaseBed Frame by Zinus

Among all the other bed frames on this list, this one has the highest ground clearance at 16 inches. This means that it can accommodate bulkier items for storage underneath, which is fantastic.

This bed frame also has the SmartBase technology, which provides spring support for latex, hybrid and memory foam mattresses without the need for a separate spring box. Furthermore, this SmartBase technology ensures that your bed frames have a sturdy steel foundation with non-slip pads to keep your mattress in place.

In terms of design, this bed frame has a plain black finish, which you can spice up with a headboard that you can purchase separately. It is perfect for apartments or a teenager’s room because it can be very versatile.

Another notable thing about this product is that upon delivery, you will notice how much care was put into its packaging. You will also find that its assembly is easy to do thanks to its informative manual. Furthermore, it can easily be dismantled, too, so you can consider this bed frame as portable.

This product has five size options from twin to California King. Its price point is in the mid-range given that it has a SmartBase technology and a 5-year warranty. When you weigh its advantages, you can say that it is worth the price.


Easy to follow instruction manual



Space underneath can be used as storage.


Not very quiet

It can be very heavy to place on the 2nd floor by yourself.

  • 12

    SmartBase Elite Platform Bed Frame By Sleep Master

If you are not afraid to spend a little more for durability and comfort, then you might like this SmartBase mattress foundation from Sleep Master. It is 14 inches off the ground so you can use the space underneath for storage. You can easily keep the items away from sight by hiding them with a bed skirt or bedsheets.

This bed frame is perfect for people on the heavier side. It is a king-size frame, so it is wide and tall. It also has an incredible 4400 lbs weight capacity thanks to its horizontal and metal slats. Moreover, by using slats, you don’t have to use a box spring.

Although this bed frame has plenty of parts, it’s easy to assemble without any tools needed. The instruction manual is made easy to follow that even those who have no experience in building a bed frame can accomplish it.

Aside from that, another fantastic benefit of this bed frame is that it is foldable. You can transfer it from one room to another, which makes it perfect for unexpected visitors.


High weight capacity

Plenty of storage space

Solid metal fabrication

Easy to assemble


Difficult to pull out items stored underneath


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Bed Frames?

There can be two options on where you could buy your bed frame. Here they are:

  • Physical Stores

You can opt to buy your bed frame from a physical store. The advantage of it is that you can see the actual product and inspect its specifics. Someplace even lets you try the bed frame by allowing you to sit and lay on it. Going to a physical store can also help you find the best mattress that goes with the displayed bed frames.

However, there are several disadvantages to going to a physical store. The first one is that it can be time-consuming. There is no assurance that you will find the best bed frame in the first store you visit, so you may have to check out different places to find one that fits your needs and wants.

Another disadvantage of going to a physical store is that each showroom has different prices for similar products because they also have to have a profit. This is why it is ideal to go to multiple shops and compare their prices. Doing this can be tiresome.

  • Online Stores

You can also opt to buy a bedframe from online platforms such as Amazon. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can automatically see the different prices of similar products from different sellers. Buying from online platforms also saves you time and allows you to do more research based on reviews and videos available on the internet.

However, similar to physical stores, buying from online platforms also has several disadvantages. One of the most significant drawbacks is that you cannot physically check the dimensions and specifications of the bed frame that you will be purchasing. Aside from that, there are chances that the bed frame gets damaged upon packaging or transit.

But, there are several things that you can do to avoid encountering these issues. You can choose to only shop directly to a manufacturer. For example, you can order directly from ZINUS on Amazon. Moreover, you should find bed frames with a manufacturer’s warranty. This will save you money, time and effort in case you get a product which is damaged.

Furthermore, you can make the most of buying online by using promo codes and free shipping. This will save you more money compared to buying from a physical store where prices are often fixed.

What are the Different Types of Bed Frames?

Here are the different types of bed frames and their descriptions:

  • French bed frame

A french bed frame is similar to a traditional one except it has ornate design details on the frame itself or the headboard or footboard. It is perfect for rooms with french aesthetics, and the padded headboard is comfortable. However, it can be too bulky and difficult to keep clean.

  • Round bed frame

This is perfect for those who are looking for a one of a kind bed frame. It does not have any sharp edges, so it is good for kids and elderly individuals too and enables different sleeping positions. However, it requires a lot of space, so the bedroom has to be significant. Moreover, it requires a costume made bedsheets.

  • Solid wooden bed frame

A traditional solid wooden bed frame is perfect for those who are going for a rustic aesthetic. Also, depending on the type of wood, it lasts an extended period, and you can repaint it with different finishes as time goes by. However, the drawback is that it can be pricey compared to metal bed frames. It is also heavy, which makes it challenging to transfer from one place to another.

  • Bunk bed frame

A bunk bed frame is perfect for siblings who are sharing one bedroom. It maximizes space and provides a sense of privacy for each user. However, one obvious downside of it is that the top bunk is that it does not have plenty of headspace, which limits movement. Moreover, falling off the top bunk can cause injuries, but that can be prevented by installing reliable side rails.

  • Trundle bed frame

A trundle bed has plenty of similarities with the daybeds, but their significant difference is it has a pull out bed underneath. This is perfect for those who have family or friends who stay over for the night. Also, this is a better choice than a bunk bed for smaller kids because it is not that high.

However, the mattress underneath may be a lot smaller than the one on top. It also prevents you from being able to utilize the space underneath for storage

  • Storage bed frame

Storage beds are perfect for tiny apartments with limited cabinets and drawers. It is a smart space saver, and it cleans up the visual and keeps your desired aesthetics. However, this type of bed frame can be a little more expensive than others. It also requires a more intricate assemble and dismantling.

  • Canopy bed frame

A canopy bed frame exudes elegance and class, which many of us wish to achieve in our bedroom. This type of bed frame is known for its connect post, which also adds durability to the bed. It brings extra natural light, especially in bedrooms with large windows. However, the downside can be that the canopy can accumulate dust, and it is not ideal for small bedrooms.

  • Four-poster bed frame

A four-poster bed frame is very similar to a canopy bed frame minus the canopy. This is great because there will be no dust accumulation. It also adds an extra detail which will make your room look unique and majestic. However, similar to canopy bed frames, it is not ideal for small bedrooms because it will look too bulky.

  • Sleigh bed frame

The most notable feature of a sleigh bed is that it has a built-in footboard. This is perfect for individuals who do not like their foot dangling off the bed. However, if you like watching tv while in bed, having a sleigh bed can make that difficult.

  • Platform bed frame

Platform bed frames are the most common type of bed frames seen in the market today. This is because these are versatile and easy to assemble. It also comes in different sizes and material which cater to different preferences. However, the downside is that it does not require a box spring, so all the pressure is placed on your mattress, which may affect its longevity.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Those are our top picks for the best bed frames in the market today. Each item listed above has its advantages and disadvantages. There is a wide range of designs for you to choose from wood to metal bed frames. Moreover, most of the bed frames mentioned above are easy to assemble. In fact, some do not require any tools at all, and they can be done in under 30 minutes. This will save you time and effort. These bed frames also fall under a different price point. If you are on a tight budget, the SmartBase Elite by Zinus is an excellent choice, but if you want to spend more for your new bed, the Best Price Mattress Bed Frame is a good option. A bed frame is a significant investment. It is crucial that you find the best one for you so that you get a comfortable sleep with any aches and pains. Hopefully, the products and information mentioned above have helped you in selecting the best bed frame. James’ Pick Lorelei Bed Frame By ZINUS