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SmartBase Mattress Foundation Elite by Zinus

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Kristin Best Sectional Reversible Chaise Sofa Couch from Stone & Beam

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Oversized Charles Classic Leather Sofa from Stone & Beam

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Couches are one of the most essential parts of a living room. The moment a person enters that space, it is the first thing that their eye gravitates to. Couches are also necessary for accommodating visitors or making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, this massive piece of furniture usually comes with a hefty price tag, which is why it is vital to get the best couch for you.

However, there are plenty of choices scattered around physical and online stores. Due to that, choosing the best couch for you can become a challenge. But, it’s a good thing that we have shortlisted some of the best sofas out there in this article. Here are they:

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  • 1

    Chesterfield Tufted Sofa Couch By Stone & Beam Bradbury

Decorate your living room with this modern sofa that has a mid-century vibe. It is made out of hardwoods that are engineered to be sturdy and reliable. It also uses nylon/polyester materials to make it a comfortable and beautiful looking.

Furthermore, this sofa has a large and comfortable rolled arm with a seating capacity of 4 to 6 people. The cushion seats are on the firmer side, and although this cushion’s position is quite high, it is balanced by the seat depth, making it okay. Moreover, the seat cushions are not too soft and not too firm as well.

In terms of assembly, all you have to do upon the arrival of this sofa is to attach its wooden legs. This is why it is ultra-convenient. This comfy sofa also has six color options composed of neutral and brown colors, which makes it easy for you to match the existing furniture and paints in your house.

This particular sofa comes with a 3-year warranty and a free 30 days return policy, which is excellent if you are the type to want assurance in your purchase.


Modern-classic design

Hand-tailored buttons and tufts

Soft fabrics



Value for money


Scratches quickly show on darker colors.

Not ideal for outdoor use

  • 2

    Lauren Down Filled Oversize Couch by Stone & Beam

If you are looking for a quality sofa with high-quality materials, then you should consider getting this one. It has seven color options that will be naturally great in any living room design aesthetic. It is overstuffed, so it is sure to be comfortable whether you sit on it while watching your favorite show or take an afternoon nap.

The seat height of this couch is quite low, so if you have kids, you don’t have to worry about them falling off a high couch. However, despite being a low standing couch, it has a deep seat depth, which makes seating on it comfortable. It also has a relaxed lean seat, which means it has excellent back support.

This sofa is made out of hardwood frame and stain-resistant fabric material, making it able to last you for a long time. Furthermore, when you do decide to buy this sofa, and you are not that sure what color to pick, you can order its swatches to see its actual colors. This sofa has a 3-year warranty and three days no return policy as well.


Different color options

Excellent fabric material

No assembly needed

Reasonably priced



Not ideal for small spaces

  • 3

    Revolve Upholstered Couch from Rivet

If you are looking for the best sofa with a friendly price tag, then this sofa might be the one for you. It has nine different colors, which you can get swatches for before purchasing. Although it looks like a modern sofa, it has some classic elements that can blend easily with your existing design aesthetics.

This sofa is made out of a durable hardwood frame and high-quality fabric upholstery. The fabric upholstery is easy to clean, and it has removable cushions as well. It also has wood legs that are tapered to keep your toes safe from being injured.

The seating capacity of this sofa can comfortably accommodate three persons. It has a medium seating height and deep seat depth. This sofa also has a relaxed seat lean, which makes it perfect for lounging.


Very Affordable

Ideal for small spaces



Easy to assemble


Back cushions can be too firm.

  • 4

    Oversized Charles Classic Leather Sofa from Stone & Beam

Here’s another best sofa from Stone & Beam on the higher end of their price tag. What makes this sofa quite expensive is its high-quality cowhide leather upholstery and hardwood frame. Moreover, it has a classic rolled arm design and other modern elements that make it suitable for any type of living room space.

Moreover, this sofa is spacious enough to be a three-seater. It has medium seat height and deep seat depth. Its cushion sit is on the softer side, and it has a medium relaxed seat lean. That being said, this sofa is not only stylish but comfortable as well.

In terms of assembly, you do not have to worry about anything because it is easy to install in under 15 minutes. It is also reasonably easy to maintain despite having a leather upholstery. You can simply use a dry cloth or a vacuum in cleaning.

Furthermore, this sofa is purchased with a 3-year warranty and a 30 days return policy in case you encounter any issue with the product.


Beautiful Design





Quite expensive but if you really want a high-quality cowhide leather, then this is an excellent choice.

  • 5

    Aiden Mid-Century Tufted Sofa from Rivet

If you are looking for a sofa with mid-century inspired leather upholstery, then this might just be what you are looking for. It has a long bench design with two back cushions combined with sleek tapered legs. Although the design of this sofa is stunning, it is equally comfortable as well.

This sofa has a medium seat height, which makes it perfect regardless of whether you are super tall or petite. The seat depth is quite deep with the cushioning that is almost firm cushion, so it provides plenty of back support. The seat lean is also in between relaxed and upright, which is excellent for your lumbar area.

In terms of maintenance, the wood and upholstery of this sofa are fairly easy to clean. All you will be needing is dry cloth to wipe off dust. It is also made out of durable fabric and wood material, so you know that you are making a quality investment.

Furthermore, there are eight different color options for this sofa, namely: black, cognac, dark brown, dark grey, hunter green, light grey, otter grey, and whathet blue. It also comes with a three-year warranty and a 30 days policy.

Aside from that, you also get the option to choose a reversible sofa chaise design or just the regular room chair. You can purchase other add-ons for this chair as well, like pillowcases or drapes.


Elegant design

Perfect for small spaces



Reasonably priced


The leather finish does not last as long as authentic leather.

  • 6

    Kristin Best Sectional Reversible Chaise Sofa Couch from Stone & Beam

Reversible chaise sofas are becoming more and more popular today due to their reputation being comfortable sofas and modern design. Due to that, some people even make this as a sofa bed because it is super spacious. So, if you are looking for this type of design, the Kristin model from Stone & Beam is a great contender.

There are three neutral color options for this sofa, which are stone, sand, and navy. The color options that it has makes it perfect for living spaces that are going for a minimalist aesthetic. It is not too big and bulky as well.

It is made out of a combination of hardwood and laminate frame, so it is durable. Its upholstery is made out of high-performance nylon and polyester fabrics that do not easily tear and stain.

Similar to other Stone & Beam sofa features, this one has its company standard three-year warranty and 30 days return. So far, they have excellent customer service, and they are responsive to inquiries as well. However, this sofa is relatively easy to install, so it is less likely that you will need them to give you instructions.



Offered at a great price point


Spacious yet minimalist



Some colors differ from the description.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch?

Couches with microfiber upholstery are considered to be almost indestructible due to their durability. However, at some point, these couches would still require cleaning for hygiene. But, cleaning microfiber upholstered couches requires a different method of cleaning compared to other materials.

Microfiber furniture has tags that indicate its correct cleaning methods. The typical codes that you can find in these tags are, which suggest using a water-based cleaning solution. The label S advises using a solvent cleaning solution while the label S-W, recommends mixing water-based and solvent cleaners. The label X suggests using vacuum cleaning only.

Microfiber couches that have a W cleaning code are very easy to clean. You can use almost any kind of water-based cleaners out there. However, it’s rare to find a microfiber couch that has a W tag because most are either S or S-W, which means that you may need more care in choosing what cleaner to use.

In some cases, some couches have no tags at all. If that is the case for you, the best practice is to consider it as an S tag couch just to be safe and to clean it entirely.

Although different types of microfiber couches require different types of cleaning solutions, there is a general method of how to clean it. Here it is:

  • Put the Solution into a Spray Bottle

Using a spray bottle is one of the best ways to equally apply your cleaning solution along the surface of your microfiber couch.

  • Remove all the Pillows

Once you have transferred, you clean your cleaning solution into a spray bottle, prepare the surface by removing all the throw pillows and cushions.

  • Use a Blotting Cloth

Spray the solution to all parts of the couch. Make sure you include every crevice. After that, take a blotting cloth and blot around the visible stains on your couch. Avoid rubbing the stains as they can get worse. Use blotting motions instead.

  • Let it Air Dry

Once you have applied your cleaning solution and removed the visible stains, Let the couch air dry. Avoid using it while it is still damp as it can accumulate dirt easily.

How to Clean a Leather Couch?

Leather couches have a regal and timeless look to it, but it can be considered as one of the most challenging couch materials to maintain. Overall all appearance can be significantly altered by a few spills and stains, especially when left unclean. Here are several cleaning methods that you can use in keeping your leather couch clean:

  • Disinfecting

To disinfect your leather sofa, follow the following steps:

  • Create a cleaning solution in a bowl with equal parts of vinegar and water.
  • Dust off all the dirt particles found on the surface of the sofa using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Soak the cloth into the cleaning mixture. Make sure that it is only damp and not soaking.
  • Start wiping the problem areas of the leather couch.
  • Regular Stain Removal

To remove the regular stain on the surface of your leather sofa, consider doing these steps:

  • Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton patch.
  • Apply the alcohol solution to the stain on the leather sofa. Avoid using rubbing motion as the stain will have the tendency to spread. Blot it instead.
  • Repeat step 2 until the stain is not visible anymore.
  • Using a soft cloth, dry the wet area.
  • Grease Stain Removal

Unlike regular stains, stains caused by grease can be difficult to remove but here’s a trusted method that works for most:

  • Cover the grease stain on your leather sofa with baking soda.
  • Allow the baking soda to stay on the surface for a couple of hours.
  • Once the baking soda has absorbed the oil, wipe it away.
  • With a damp cloth, begin wiping the stained part of the leather couch the same way you usually clean it.
  • Conditioning a Leather Couch

Although some might consider conditioning a leather sofa as going the extra mile, it is necessary for cleaning maintenance that every owner must consider. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Combine equal part natural oil and vinegar in a bowl. You can use flaxseed oil or lemon oil.
  • Dip a cloth to the mix. Make sure that the fabric is only damp and not dripping wet.
  • Apply the solution to the entire leather surface of the sofa.
  • After 24 hours, wipe off the solution using a dry cloth.

Leather sofas are quite expensive, so it is essential to make sure that you do a proper cleaning and maintain them to ensure longevity. Moreover, remember leather material is quite sensitive, so it is best to avoid harsh chemicals and use organic solutions instead. You could also check out the cleaning tag instruction of your soft for a better idea of how to best take care of it.

How to Repair a Leather Couch?

Leather couches are a significant investment, so when they become damaged, it is best to fix them instead of throwing them away. Here are simple methods on how to fix minor and deep cut leather couch damages.

  • Minor Damage

If your leather couch only has minor damage, consider using this method, which uses super glue. Here are its steps:

  • Clean the surface of your leather sofa by using a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. Avoid using very texture cloth in this step as it may cause scratches. Make sure to wipe the surface instead of rubbing it gently. Remove all the dirt and dust accumulated as well.
  • If your leather couch is made out of genuine leather material, ordinary glue will do. However, if it is synthetic, suede or nubuck, then get a super glue labeled for this material.
  • Once you have the appropriate glue for your leather sofa ready, apply a small amount of the adhesive on the underside of the torn flap. You can use a toothpick or a large needle to apply it easily.
  • Connect the sides of the flap that has glued together. Make sure that they are correctly aligned so that the material underneath is not visible. Hold the flaps together until the glue dries.
  • There will be residual glue that is visible on the leather sofa surface. To remove it, you would need a 320 grit sandpaper to remove the excess. Make sure to do this step gently and before the glue dries entirely.
  • Apply a compatible leather dye to the repaired surface to match it with its original color. This step is optional only if the glue area differs in color. Apply a leather finish in the area that you dyed to provide protection.
  • Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Avoid using and stretching it while the glue is still wet as it can be damaged again.
    Fixing Deep Cuts and Large Tears

If you think super glue will not be enough to fix the damage on your leather sofa, then using patches is your next best option. Here are the steps to fix your leather sofa using patches:

  • Purchase a leather repair kit that contains a sub patch. If you have no access to a leather repair kit, you may use any kind of flexible and durable cloth, but the result may look different than using an actual leather sub patch.
  • Cut the piece of cloth into the side of the tear or cut on your leather sofa.
  • Put the patch on under the hole by using tweezers. Make sure that it covers the hole entirely.
  • Using a toothpick or large needle, glue to patch to leather and push it together so that it sticks.
  • Place a plank of wood on top of the patch until it dries. Make sure to apply even and constant pressure.
  • Clean the repair area and remove excess glue from the steps mentioned above.
  • Cut the loose cloth around the repaired area so that it looks normal again.
  • Put leather filler on the small gaps of the patch edges. This will help make the patch look natural and protect it from being damaged.
  • Once the glue has dried, apply a leather dye that has the same color as the rest of the sofa.
  • After putting the leather dye, put in the leather finish for a natural leather look.

When Dealing with damaged leather, it is a good practice to act immediately. Letting small damage persist will only cause it to become bigger, giving you a more expensive problem later on.

Final Word

Choosing the best couch may require some research and careful consideration, but once you pick the best one for you, you will surely enjoy it for a very long time. All the products listed above each have their strong suits that will fit the preference of different people. The Lauren Oversize couch is perfect for people who are looking for cozy couches. At the same time, the Revolve modern design sofa is excellent for those who are going for a sleek and minimalist approach. If you have money to splurge, then you should get the Charles classic cowhide leather. Aside from that, we hope that you were also able to learn about the listed information about cleaning a leather sofa. Although these types of sofa require more frequent maintenance than fabric ones, their style and comfort are totally worth it. Regardless of what couch mentioned above, you choose, the most important thing is that you pick the best one for you. Choose the one that fits your style and your budget, and you are good to go. James' Pick Lorelei Bed Frame By ZINUS