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Best Deep Pocket Sheets

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Empyrean Bedding Extra Deep Pocket Luxury Sheets

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Southshore Fine Linens 6-Piece Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

Top Pick
LuxClub 6-Piece Eco-Friendly Deep Pocket Bamboo Sheets

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Because modern mattresses are now often thicker than their predecessors, the average bed sheet no longer fits them. With that said, if you have a newer and thicker mattress, it’s best if you use deep pocket sheets for it.

As its name suggests, these sheets are deeper than the average sheet, allowing them to stretch comfortably over thick mattresses and ensure they fit right. However, it can be difficult to find the best deep pocket sheets for your mattress if you don’t know how and where to look.

That is why I have created this comprehensive review for the best deep pocket sheets available on the market, detailing the benefits of each, as well as their pros and cons. This article also covers some of the most common questions consumers, such as yourself, have regarding this new type of bed sheet.

With that said, continue reading below to check them out.

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  • 1

    TEKAMON 6-Piece Extra Deep Pocket Cooling Sheets

Starting off our list is this 6-piece extra deep pocket sheet set from TEKAMON.At first glance, they don’t seem any different from ordinary bed sheets, especially considering the plain solid colors they come in.

However, by using polyester microfiber fabric as its main material, this set of sheets allow you to achieve the ultimate comfort and have a good night’s sleep. This is because this fabric allows it to become as soft and smooth as possible which adds to your overall comfort.

Aside from that, the high 1800 thread count allows it to be more breathable, cozier, and skin-friendlier than the average bed sheet. As such, this deep pocket sheet set can be used for any weather condition and season.

Moreover, if you don’t like wrinkly sheets, this fabric also allows it to remain smooth and wrinkle-free, even without ironing. Of course, as these are fitted sheets, the extra-deep pockets it has makes it fit your mattress better.


Uses high-quality fabric for ultimate comfort

High thread count for increased breathability and coziness

Perfect for any kind of weather or season

Polyester microfiber fabric allows for a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance

Deep pockets for a better fit


Elastic could be more durable

  • 2

    LuxClub 6-Piece Eco-Friendly Deep Pocket Bamboo Sheets

Next up is this 6-piece deep pocket sheet set from LuxClub whose main notable feature, aside from the comfort it provides, is the fact that it’s made from high-quality yet eco-friendly fabric.

Using Bamboo-derived rayon fabric, these deep pocket sheets offer the ultimate comfort at night without negatively impacting the environment.This fabric blend also makes it incredibly hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive sleepers that suffer from various conditions like allergies and asthma.

Moreover, this bed sheet has bacteria-fighting properties due to its bamboo viscose and microfiber fabric which allows it to remain clean and fresh for longer periods. This enables you to achieve better and more restful sleep at night for a longer time, taking a while before having to change your sheets.

Aside from that, this particular fabric blend also allows it to remain wrinkle- and stain-free. Of course, as deep pocket sheets, these feature pockets deep enough to accommodate your thick mattress and the strong and durable elastic keeps it in place.

With this deep pocketsheet set, you can achieve not just a great night’s sleep but also have a luxurious feel and aesthetic in your bedroom at a budget-friendly price tag.


Features eco-friendly materials for construction

Hypoallergenic and has bacteria-fighting properties

Provides the ultimate comfort with its soft and breathable nature

Highly durable yet comfortable

Luxury at an affordable price


Can be warmer than other bed sheets

  • 3

    CGK Unlimited 6-Piece Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

If you like having that extra thickness and height to your mattress, then these deep pocket sheets from CGK Unlimited are worth checking out. Designed to fit thicker mattresses, this 6-piece set is deep enough to accommodate mattresses that range from 18 to 24inches deep.

Moreover, these sheets provide enough room for mattress toppers, having a 3- to 4-inch allowance for these. That way, you can have the perfect sleeping setup for your bed without worrying that your sheets won’t fit or come off.

Aside from its size, these sheets also provide the utmost comfort as it uses high-quality microfiber for its construction. Because of this, it’s much softer and more lightweight than regular cotton sheets.

Despite its lightweight construction, these sheets are highly durable and are even hypoallergenic – ideal for sensitive sleepers suffering from allergies. These sheets also remain cool even in intense heat, allowing you to remain comfortable even at the height of summer.


Large enough to accommodate thicker mattresses

Provides space allowance for mattress toppers

Hypoallergenic qualities for allergy sufferers

Uses high-quality fabric, making it highly comfortable yet durable

Lightweight and breathable for cooler sheets at night


Colors are not fade-resistant

  • 4

    Empyrean Bedding Extra Deep Pocket Luxury Sheets

Ever wondered why sleeping in hotel beds is so comfortable? Well, what if I tell you that you can achieve that same luxurious and comfortable feeling right in your own bedroom with bedsheets?

Using double-brushed microfiber for its construction, these sheets have a silky smooth texture that’s soft and comfortable, providing sleepers with the ultimate sleeping experience. Other than the comfort it offers, the use of this fabric makes it hypoallergenic and skin-safe, ideal for those sensitive to regular mass-produced sheets.

As a deep pocket sheet, it’s large enough to accommodate thick mattresses and they even feature an innovative solution to slipping sheets with the corner straps that ensure they remain in place.

This allows the sheet to fit the mattress perfectly even when subjected to constant movement. Moreover, the breathable fabric allows you to remain cool during the warmer months and warm during the cooler months. With this, your comfort is ensured, no matter what the season is.

It comes in several sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your mattress – from the standard twin to king sheets. These sheets also come in various striking colors that allow you to match it with your bedroom’s aesthetic and complete that luxurious hotel-like vibe in your own home.


Smart solution corner straps for ensuring a perfect fit

Hypoallergenic and skin-safe, ideal for all types of sleepers

Maintains the ideal temperature, providing the ultimate sleeping experience

Silky smooth texture and soft, lightweight construction

Made from high-quality double-brushed microfiber fabric


Extra corner elastics may not be as durable

  • 5

    Southshore Fine Linens 6-Piece Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

As a company dedicated to providing its customers with the luxury of fine living at affordable rates, this 6-piece deep pocket sheet set from Southshore Fine Living, Inc. is an accurate representation of their values as a company.

Featuring excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials, these deep pocket sheets provide sleepers with unparalleled comfort, resulting in a sleeping experience that will make anyone refuse to leave the bed.

These sheets use high-quality double-brushed microfiber fabric as its main material which gives them that soft and gentle quality while remaining durable and long-lasting. The microfiber fabric also makes it lightweight and breathable, making sure you can still use them even in the hot summer months.

Aside from these, this deep pocket sheet set is 100% hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, allowing those suffering from allergies to use it and experience what it has to offer. On top of that, the sheets are fade-resistant so you don’t have to worry about them looking old after washing, keeping it in line with your bedroom aesthetic.

The pockets are deep enough that they fit your mattresses snugly and the high-quality elastic ensuring that it remains in place no matter how much movement it’s subjected to. With this 6-piece sheet set, you can experience fine living right in your own bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket.


Uses high-quality double-brushed microfiber fabric that’s been crafted to perfection

Has hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant properties for sensitive sleepers

Uses lightweight and breathable materials for enhanced comfort

Highly durable and long-lasting

Fade-resistant colors that blend seamlessly with any bedroom aesthetic


Sizes can run larger than expected

  • 6

    CGK Unlimited 4-Piece Luxury Cooling Deep Pocket Sheets

Another deep pocket sheet set from CGK Unlimited, this set features four items instead of six, composing of two pillowcases, the fitted sheet, and a flat sheet. However, this particular set accommodates mattresses that are no more than 16 inches deep, unlike its 6-piece set counterpart which can fit mattresses as deep as 24 inches.

Nevertheless, this set features the same level comfort as the 6-piece set, perhaps even more so. Using high-quality double-brushed microfiber, they feel softer and are more lightweight compared to cotton sheets, allowing you to sleep peacefully and soundly throughout the night.

Aside from that, these sheets are also breathable which enables it to keep you cool even during the hottest months of the year, ensuring that you get your much-needed rest even at the height of summer.

The superb craftsmanship of these sheets will leave you and guests in awe, especially considering they come in a wide range of colors that allow it to blend seamlessly with your chosen décor.


Uses high-quality double-brushed microfiber for increased comfort and durability

Remains cool even during the hottest months due to its breathable material

Lightweight and soft, providing the ultimate comfort

Comes in a wide range of colors, fit for any bedroom décor

Accommodates deep – but not too deep – mattresses, perfect for slightly thicker mattresses


Thinner than expected

  • 7

    7. Nestl Bedding 4-Piece Hotel-Grade Luxury Deep Pocket Sheets

Create your own slice of heaven in your bedroom with these hotel-grade luxury sheets from Nestl Bedding. Each deep pocket sheet offers a depth of 14 to 16 inches, allowing it to easily accommodate standard queen size mattresses without worrying about it slipping off.

Its double-brushed microfiber fabric construction makes it lightweight, breathable, and soft – all of which contributes to an environment conducive to rest and relaxation, perfect after a long day at work or school. Moreover, each sheet is carefully crafted, ensuring its superior quality and durability.

Aside from comfort, it offers relief from allergies with its hypoallergenic nature, making it ideal for persons with sensitive bodies. It comes in a variety of colors, all of which are fade-resistant and can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Make your bed both the centerpiece of your bedroom and a place where you can kick back and relax after a long day at work or school.


Hypoallergenic, ideal for allergy sufferers

Features a soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric which adds to the comfort it offers

Large and deep enough to accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches thick

Remains cool to provide comfortable, uninterrupted sleep

Carefully crafted to ensure high quality and durability


Sizes indicated can be inaccurate

  • 8

    Linenwala 4-Piece Cotton Deep Pocket Sheets

Last but not least is this 4-piece deep pocket sheet set from Linenwala. While the others on this list use microfiber as the fabric for its construction, these deep pocket sheets, on the other hand, use 100% cotton.

As such, it offers incredible strength while remaining soft and cozy. This allows you to remain comfortable throughout the entire night and have your much-needed rest. The most notable thing about these sheets that they’re made specifically to fit the beds found in RVs, campers, motorhomes, and more.

With these sheets, you’ll experience luxury and relaxation even when traveling, allowing you to still have an environment that’s conducive to restful sleep. They are large enough to accommodate mattresses that are 6 inches deep, ensuring that they fit your RV mattress snugly.

Furthermore, each set is tailored and crafted expertly to ensure that they provide their customers with only the best deep pocket sheets. Linenwala even offers customization for customers who want more personalized sized sheets.

With these deep pocket sheets, you can still have your perfect sleeping setup even while on the road.


Large enough to accommodate mattresses with a depth of 6 inches

Made from 100% high-quality cotton for durability and comfort

The company offers customization for customers who want the perfect fit

Carefully tailored to provide the best deep pocket sheets


Fabric is thinner than expected

Frequently Asked Questions

To further understand what deep pocket sheets are and what they are for, I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding them. Check them out below.

What is considered a deep pocket sheet?

A fitted sheet can be considered as a deep pocket sheet when their depth reaches 15 inches. This is because the thickness of the standard-sized mattress is usually around 6 to 9 inches and regular fitted sheets have a depth between 7 to 14 inches.

To ensure that they fit properly, meaning they’re not too small or big for your mattress, it’s best if you check and take note of the measurements of your mattress.

What are the deepest pocket sheets you can buy?

For mattresses thicker than 15 inches, extra deep pocket sheets are needed. These sheets have a depth ranging from 16 to 22 inches.

Sometimes, like the deep pocket sheet from the CGK Unlimited 6-piece set, they can reach a depth of around 24 inches. This is about the deepest you can get for deep pocket sheets.

Are there different size queen sheets?

Yes, there are. This is because there are three types of non-standard queen size mattresses which can affect just how large your sheets should be. The standard queen size mattress has the dimensions of 80 inches by 60 inches (LxW).

Moreover, the thickness of mattresses varies as well to meet the different needs but the average thickness for standard-sized queen mattresses is around 15 inches.

For the other kinds of non-standard queen mattresses, their dimensions are:

    • Expanded/ Olympic-Sized Queen Mattress

– These mattresses are 80 inches long, 66 inches wide, and around 9 to 16 inches deep.

    • California Queen Mattress

– Similar to the expanded queen mattress, they have slight variations from the standard size. California queen beds measure 84 inches long, 60 inches wide, and can be around 9 to 16 inches deep.


    • Split Queen Mattress

– These are mattresses often used for adjustable beds and although it has the same dimensions as the standard-sized queen mattress, they are divided into two parts. Each half measures 80 inches long by 30 inches wide.

Are full and double sheets the same size?

Yes, they are. This is because both full and double mattresses are the same, with both types of mattresses having the dimensions of 75 inches long by 54 inches wide.

However, when choosing sheets, you also need to take into account its thickness as not all full or double sized mattresses have the same thickness. Moreover, not all full and double sheets have the same size as there is no standard for sheet measurement so they may vary in length, width, and depth.

Again, be sure to measure your mattress exactly when buying bed sheets, dedicating enough room to cover the entire mattress.

Why do I need to use deep pocket sheets?

This is because some mattress manufacturers add an extra layer of padding on top of it,such aseuro top, pillow top, and more, for additional comfort. Some people also add mattress toppers for similar reasons.

However, these add-ons make the mattress thicker than usual which means that regular fitted sheets may not fit them as well as they should. This results in the sheet slipping off, especially if you tend to move a lot in bed.

Deep pocket sheets solve this issue by having deeper pockets than the average bed sheet, allowing them to remain in place, even when stretched over thick mattresses. With thick mattress sheets, you can have the perfect sleeping setup without having to worry about the sheets slipping off with every movement.

Is there a specific way to wash deep pocket sheets?

This depends more on what your sheets are made of rather than its measurements. For example, some fabrics require you to wash it under cold water or handwash only. For this, refer to the labels of your bedsheets as the manufacturers indicate there how they can be washed.

Final Thoughts

Having the right sheets can give you the perfect sleeping setup you need to get that much-needed restful sleep at night. To avoid getting tangled up in your bedsheets, it’s best to use fitted sheets. However, your perfect sleeping setup may require adding a mattress topper which can affect just how your sheet fits your mattress. With deep pocket sheets, you can ensure that no matter how deep your mattress is, your sheet will still be able to stretch over it and fit. However, finding the best deep pocket sheets can be difficult which is why I created this in-depth review of the best ones on the market. Hopefully, with my review and the answers provided in the FAQs section, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when purchasing your own set of deep pocket sheets. James’ Pick LuxClub 6-Piece Eco-Friendly Deep Pocket Bamboo Sheets