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Sleigh Beds

Best Budget
Ashley Express Full Sleigh Bed

Best Value
Huey Vineyard Queen Sleigh Bed

Top Pick
Meridian Furniture Hudson Collection Sleigh Bed

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Sleigh beds aren’t a new invention, that’s for sure. They come from way back, inspired by French design, giving out that air of traditionalism and sophistication, even for a modern-day home. I would like a sleigh bed for myself, so that’s saying a lot. You can ask other homeowners out there regarding the beds they want, and you’ll find that sleigh beds are rather popular.

How exactly does one go about buying the right sleigh bed? Well, it always starts with looking into whatever is available out there. If you’ve been considering on getting a sleigh bed yourself, then you need not look any further, as you can conveniently look at a myriad of reviews of the best sleigh beds out there.

Wouldn’t you want a sleigh bed for your bedroom? Then here are a few sleigh beds that may give your bedroom a good amount of sophistication, bringing out its atmosphere and giving it more life and elegance.

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  • 1

    Huey Vineyard Queen Sleigh Bed

Ashley has always been known for making furniture, and this bed is part of their line. However, this is a little special since it’s a signature design, which means it’s been crafted with so much attention that many would see it as a luxury. The metal beams at the bottom of the bed provide it with a good amount of durability, making sure the bed lasts long nights. Just about anyone can also assemble the bed even with minimal instructions, and the tools included help a lot when it comes to doing so. The heavy footboard and thin headboard may come of as disadvantages, but for anyone looking for an affordable sleigh bed, this signature design by Ashley stands out.


Supported by metal beams at the bottom

Assembly is simple enough to follow

Tools are included for assembly


Has a heavy footboard

Headboard is a little on the thin side

  • 2

    Ashley Express Full Sleigh Bed

Another bed by Ashley, this sleigh bed is as simple and as straightforward as it looks. Don’t let it fool you into thinking it looks cheap though—in fact, it fits and blends it quite well with any bedroom, regardless of the theme you’re going for. If you have some trouble with the bed’s assembly, Ashley’s customer service will be there to help answer your questions, although since the bed is easy enough to assemble, then you probably won’t need to do so. For its price point however, you may not find it as sturdy as other beds and you may feel a little uncomfortable sleeping on it, so you might need a spring board. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something that’s not too expensive, then this one’s for you.


Easy assembly

Has a good aesthetic appeal


Sturdiness is an issue

A box spring may be needed

  • 3

    Meridian Furniture Hudson Collection Sleigh Bed

You’re probably thinking of getting that taste of luxury for your bedroom, or perhaps you just want to follow a common theme. Here is where this sleigh bed by Meridian comes in. It has a grey velvet finish that perfectly complements any color scheme of the room with its fairly neutral tones. This means that you’re getting the right quality and aesthetic for the price, which as admittedly quite high. Regardless, you’re sure to make the most out of this sleigh bed, especially with its graceful, elegant design that’s sure to transform your bedroom into something else.


Has a luxurious velvet finish

Easy to assemble


A little on the expensive side

  • 4

    Modus Furniture Brighton Low-Profile Bed

At a higher price point, you would think that this sleigh bed would be of good quality—and you’d be right. With the use of tropical mahogany as its material, this will last you quite some time, especially with its sturdy, sophisticated design that’s sure to make use your bedroom’s atmosphere. What’s more is that it’s not even difficult to assemble, although you may have some issues with the paint job, as with other users. If that’s not a big deal for you, then this could be the perfect one for your bedroom, regardless of what you’re looking for.


Features metal rail fittings for easy assembly

Solid construction made out of tropical mahogany

Has a sophisticated look


Paint job is a bit poorly done

  • 5

    Ashley North Shore King Sleigh Bed

With the amount of choices in Ashley’s arsenal of sleigh beds, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this luxurious-looking bed is among them. Its aesthetic appeal alone is enough to reel you in, making use of its charming, almost nostalgic look that anyone can appreciate. That said, the boards are also made out of thick, sturdy wood, so you’re not going to see them break anytime soon. However, you may encounter some problems with moving parts over time, especially with extensive use. Be that as it may, it’s still a solid piece of furniture that truly belongs to the most sophisticated of bedrooms.


Has a classic elegant look

With thick boards and materials


Parts get loose over time

  • 6

    America Yuri Leatherette Sleigh Bed

If you’re in for a little elbow grease, then you probably won’t mind assembling this Furniture of America sleigh bed, which is perfect for anyone looking to have a bit of DIY experience. Don’t think that it’s a cheap-looking bed for that reason though: its faux leather finish creates an air of sophistication as with any other sleigh bed on this list. It’s sturdy enough to take some degree of abuse due to its solid wooden frame, so you don’t need to worry over damages anytime soon. Be sure to apply a few things on the faux leather though, if you truly want to preserve its color.

If you’re considering buying a frame, this futon is a bit bigger than a twin-sized mattress, close to a full-sized bed.


Has a faux leather finish

Features a solid wood frame


Assembly can take some time

Faux leather may fade or stain over time

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you buy a sleigh bed?

Sleigh beds have always been popular among households, but its popularity is still ever growing, especially those who need more of that sophistication inside their homes. You may be wondering, however, what the more functional aspects of buying a sleigh bed are, and what sleigh beds have to offer over standard beds

For one thing, sleigh beds have a robust design, which means they can last a few generations, providing that they are maintained well enough for use. That alone makes sleigh beds a good investment for most people as they can also serve has heirloom items.

The height of a sleigh bed also offers more of that sense of security, so if that’s important to you, then you’ll find it best to get a sleigh bed for your home.

What are some distinguishing features of a sleigh bed?

Of course, you’re already aware of a bed’s components, but you’ll find that sleigh beds are a little more particular in such aspect. For instance, the foot and headboards of sleigh beds are normally curved, giving out that wave-like appearance which is appealing for many out there, especially those who want a more elegant feel. Sleigh beds are also made out of heavy wood, although it’s important to note that nowadays, the curves and waves aren’t as exaggerated as in the past and modern-day sleigh beds have begun to use lighter and generally more practical materials.

That’s not to say they’re not as sturdy as the sleigh beds of the past, as evolution in design and the development of newer, more durable yet lighter materials have made it so that sleigh beds are still as strong and as robust as they ought to be. That’s an interesting thought for you!

How do you buy the right bed?

Whether you want a sleigh bed or not, it’s important to look into the factors that come into play if you’re looking to get a new bed for your home. Your bed is not just a place to sleep on—the couch can arguably function as such, but it is also the point of focus in your bedroom. That’s why it’s important to look into its aesthetic appeal, first and foremost.

Like everything else, how your bed blends in with your bedroom’s atmosphere is always the first consideration. Take into account the colors, the space, and the theme of your bedroom and you’ll find that having a great-looking bed that complements all that will work wonders for your sleeping space in general.

Look into the kind of bed you want, whether you just want something minimalistic or something that has a timeless feel. Would you like a bed that’s build for easing up or a bed that’s more traditional in design? Maybe you don’t want something that has that woody look, for the lack of a better term, but something metallic or upholstered. Remember that even these simple things can affect the amount of comfort you get in the bedroom.

Is assembling a sleigh bed difficult?

One thing you’ve probably noticed in the reviews above is how many of the pros mention that the sleigh beds featured are easy to assemble. For the most part, sleigh beds in general are easy to assemble, although it’s always good to ask for some help when doing so. First that you need to do is to line up the parts and pieces to form a solid base on where you want your bed to be. Get your tools out and see to it that you have all the screws, nuts, and bolts required. Then, you’re on your way to assembly.

Then, you will need to attach the side rails to the footboard and the headboard. Before that, however, make sure you install the brackets inside the headboard and footboard. This is needed so that you can easily attach the side rails. Tighten the screws and make sure the sides don’t come loose, or this will create a few little problems and annoyances in the future. Again, make sure you have the right amount of screws.

After which, it’s time to install the metal rails. These will be across the frame at the tip of the side rails. This is to make sure your sleigh bed will truly hold you up. It becomes a problem for many when they don’t install the metal rails or slats properly, as it causes discomfort for the most part.

And then, you’re finally ready to place the box spring on the platform for some good amount of comfort. After which, place the mattress in, and then some beddings and pillows. Now, you’re ready to sleep on your newly-installed sleigh bed.


There are plenty of good reasons out there to have a sleigh bed, whether queen-sized or king-sized, instead of a standard bed. What’s for sure, however, is that sleigh beds are here to stay and will always bring out that splash of elegance for any bedroom.

Though sleigh beds are not the only types of beds available for such reason, they have that traditional look which anyone out there can truly appreciate, even with a multitude of choices available. That’s why you might want to consider getting a sleigh bed whenever you can, so you can have that taste of elegance and durability, as with all good mixes for your home.

Do you think it’s time for you to look for the right sleigh bed for your bedroom? Then consider the choices you have available for you. You’re sure to find all that you need with the wide array of sleigh beds available at your nearest convenience, especially online.

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