what is a futon

What Is A Futon?

Nowadays, people prefer to live in more minimalistic environments. In other words, modern day houses are getting smaller and there’s a lot less stuff in them. While this does save you a lot of money, maximizing the little space you have can be quite a challenge. You may also find that living with limited resources […]

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what size sheets for a futon

What Size Sheets for a Futon?

It can be quite confusing to buy the appropriate sheets for your specific futon because it comes in a variety of different sizes. If you have the question “what size sheets for a futon?” in your mind, then you came to the right place. Usually, sheets that are designed for standard mattresses will work just […]

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how to clean a futon

How to Clean a Futon?

Since futons get used regularly, they can easily accumulate dust and dirt. The last thing you want is sitting and sleeping on a dirty futon so regular care and maintenance are essential. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a futon, this guide will help you keep your futon looking new and squeaky clean. Here […]

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types of futons

Types of Futons

Hanging out with your friends was a lot easier when you lived at your parents house. But now that you’re starting a life of your own, you might not have enough room for most of them. This is where futons come in. They are dual-purpose sofas that can be converted into a bed by simply unfolding the […]

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