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Hi, I’m Michele, and I am a pseudo-interior designer with a passion for re-decorating homes. My main purpose is to make refurbishing your homes a whole lot easier by sharing some buying tips when choosing furniture items. At the same time, I want to share some of the design tips I’ve learned along the way.

Futons are wonderful pieces of furniture that are not only space conscious, but key for quick comfort. Some people use them just as a sofa, but for others, transforming them into beds can prove to be highly convenient. It’s a perfect way to save space and also those precious pennies. Luckily for you, this is something easy to achieve ,and with little time and effort, you can turn your futon into a cosy bed. Why not give it a try for yourself?

So, read on, and we’ll tell you how to do just that.

Firstly, we recommend you do some brief research beforehand, to check which of the many futons you’re dealing with. Of course, the method you’ll need to use to make your bed is hugely dependent on the model of your futon. Different styles and brands may be assembled in different manners; just make sure to check any leaflets or manuals before attempting to transform it. Trying to manipulate it in a way it’s not meant to be manipulated in, will definitely do some unnecessary damage!

The majority of futons, however, will require you to lift the seat up from the centre and pull it towards you. Others may need you to pull forward on the seat section, but push down on the back section. This will release the locking mechanism, allowing the futon to lie horizontal. And in order to reverse this effect and close the bed, simply do the opposite. Push down on the seat section and pull up on the back. Et voila!

Additionally, you may come across futons with mechanisms called click-clacks. In this case, you’ll need to pull the back section towards you instead – you’ll hear a click, and it will release until the futon lies flat.

Let’s run through a few examples of popular types of futons; here’s how you would turn them into beds.

The first is a bifold futon. It looks a little like a folded piece of paper, and its frame is composed of two sides, hence its name. And, when pulled out, these two sides will lay next to each other horizontally. You’ll need to pull them open from the seat. First of all, grab the bar or handle located underneath the seat, and with a tight grip, pull up slightly and step backwards until the mattress is lying flat.

Another example is the trifold futon, given its name as it folds into three sections. They have hidden decks at the front, and in order to unlock them, lift up the seat of your futon. Unfold the mattress for preparation, lift the seat and pull downwards on the third deck. The legs may fall out by themselves, or could need manual adjustment. Then, the backrest will lay flat once pushed down. If your trifold futon has a brace support, simply release them from their rungs.

A final example is the love seat futon. They’re made of three pieces and two mattress pieces, usually. They have a bottom section similar to a footrest, for example, and like the trifold futon above, they have hidden third decks. Pull it out in order to create the bottom half of a bed. Lift up the love seat and pull out the third deck, adjusting the legs as you do so. As previously mentioned, love seat futons frequently come with two mattresses – the third deck is where one of these will fit. Push down on the back of the love seat and all the components should lay horizontally.

Most methods of construction are relatively simple, however, and don’t require too much brain power. There are a few small precautions, though, to be wary of.

It’s important to remember to pull the futon away from any walls, for example, before you try transforming it – you don’t want to cause any damage to your property when it folds out. Also, carry out the actions slowly and with care. You don’t want to break the mechanism or even hurt yourself. Don’t yank or pull too hard on the frame, as this, too, will cause issues.

Now that the futon has been transformed, the final step would be to grab your duvet, blankets, pillows and anything else should you need it. And, you’ll be good to go!

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