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Bed are of different kinds, and a platform bed is one of those types. Unlike most other beds, a platform bed does not need a box spring. This bed is a bit nearer to the ground as compared to other beds. 

However, a few types of platform bed give the option to increase the height by adding a component to it as per the need. Such beds also have a base made up of different materials to give support to the bed. 

Also, in contrast to the traditional beds, the platform bed is not that popular due to people knowing less about it. But it’s simple, comfortable and gives a better restful experience each time.

Platform Bed
Types of Platform Beds

Platform beds also have multiple types, which make it easier for people to choose the variant that perfectly suits their needs.

 The base of such beds uses either a metal or a wood. Apart from metal and wood, you may also notice plastic or mixture of materials for the manufacturing of a base. 

Whether you choose wooden, metal or some other type, the function of all the models are almost the same, but the durability and longevity might be different.


  • Classic


Classic is quite a common type of platform bed. In such a type, you will not see a footboard or a headboard with it. However, it uses a frame with a wooden body. 

Not only wood, but you may also get fiberboard with the classic bed. If you live in a small location, then you must go for the classic platform bed because it’s quite suitable for people with limited space.


  • Metallic


Such a type of metallic bed uses iron or steel as a base. These beds are higher from the ground and are more durable as compared to the wooden model. 

The only issue that you may face because of the metallic base is that it’s not suitable for the foam mattress. The metallic surface can add more pressure to the mattress, which might damage it.


  • Storage Space


As the name indicates, such a type of bed has a built-in storage space in it. The storage space bed is an excellent choice for people with a small bedroom. 

You can use it to store your items as well as for resting purposes. However, the storage space in such types of beds is usually present at the base.


  • Floating Surface


The floating surface is another variety in the platform bed that seems like it is floating in the air. The support for most of the common beds is present along the sides while that is not that case with this one. 

Unlike traditional beds, the support for a floating surface variant is present underneath the bed. It has a strong base, but it seems like it’s floating on the ground, which makes it look great. However, you may also get a short space underneath the floating surface where you can store small items.

Advantages of Platform Bed

Below are the advantages of a platform bed.


  • Design


Each type of platform bed has a different design to offer. So you can find both simple as well as elegant design in the platform bed. However, the platform bed gives a modern and cleaner look. It will also make your bedroom mess-free.


  • Storage


Storage is another reason due to which most people like the platform beds. Mostly platform beds include different drawers at the side of the bed. However, mostly the drawers are not higher in size, but they allow you to keep multiple items with ease.


  • Affordable


Unlike the traditional beds, you don’t require to buy box springs or any foundation for the platform bed, which will save you a lot of money. 

So if you are looking for an affordable option, then a platform bed will be great for you. Also, the platform bed is affordable, but it gives the same high-quality performance.

Disadvantages of Platform Bed

Following are a few disadvantages of a platform bed.


  • Transport


Platform beds are usually difficult to transport. In case you have a platform bed with a fixed base, then you might not be able to transfer it. 

Such a bed is fixed with the ground in such a way that it can’t move, which makes it nearly impossible to transport it. On the other hand, few platform beds are transferable, but you will require the support of more people for it.


  • Lower Height


If you are used to a traditional bed, then you may struggle while sleeping on a platform bed. The platform bed is much lower in height as compared to the common beds. 

Shifting for a traditional bed to a platform bed might be complicated for you. Due to the difference in height, you may need to put some effort while getting out of the platform bed.

Disadvantages of Platform Bed

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