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Hi, I’m Michele, and I am a pseudo-interior designer with a passion for re-decorating homes. My main purpose is to make refurbishing your homes a whole lot easier by sharing some buying tips when choosing furniture items. At the same time, I want to share some of the design tips I’ve learned along the way.

Most people only look at the design and color while buying a sofa cushion. People usually ignore the essential thing in a cushion, which is the foam. 

You need to be extra careful while picking the foam for the sofa cushions because it will decide the comfortability level. Even if you have purchased quality sofa cushions, the chances are that it will not give the same comfortable result after a few months. 

The foam may begin to disintegrate, which will make your sofa look old and messy. However, to deal with it, you need to know how to choose the best foam to use for sofa cushions that will last longer and give the same comfort level.

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Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is among the commonly used foam for sofa cushions. Most of the quality cushions contain the polyurethane foam in it. 

The reason that most sofa cushions have a polyurethane foam is because of the quality and higher performance of this polyurethane. However, the polyurethane foam arrives in the market in numerous grades. 

With the help of grades, you can come to know the longevity, firmness and the cost. Though the polyurethane foam is better to add in sofa cushions, it’s not eco-friendly. 

Apart from the polyurethane foam, some sofa cushions utilize feathers and fibers, which also deliver extraordinary life to the sofa cushions.

Polyester Fiberfill

Polyester fiberfill is also used quite commonly as a foam nowadays. It is a much affordable solution that is usually higher in density. It delivers a smooth and bouncy experience, which most people like about the polyester.


If you want more softness, then feather-filled cushions must be your top pick. It is cheaper but gives soft and better results. Try to keep the feather filled cushion away from the water because it’s usually hard to make the feathers dry once it gets wet. 

However, you can also use waterproof covers to keep the water away from the feathers present in the cushion. Feathers are not that much firm so to add more firmness to it, you can use a foam core.

Best Foam For Sofa Cushions

The polyester fiberfill is very much in demand in the current time because of various reasons. One prime reason that most people prefer polyester fiberfill is because it is lower in cost and helps to save much production cost. 

However, after a short time, most polyester fiberfill loses its shape, which is a bit turn off about the polyester fiberfill. 

On the other hand, the polyurethane foam is much more comfortable and lasts longer in contrast to the polyester fiberfill, which is why you will see the polyurethane foam in most of the expensive cushions. So try to prefer the sofa cushions with the polyurethane foam in it.

Best Foam For Sofa Cushions
Things to Look While Buying Foam for Sofa Cushions

Purchasing a foam for sofa cushion is not as easy as you might think. Keep a few factors in mind to access the best foam for the cushion.


  • Foam Type


First, you need to decide which foam type you want to purchase. You can choose feathers, fibers and polyurethane foam as per your need. 

However, each of the types may give you a different level of comfort while using the cushion so you should choose the most suitable one.


  • Foam Density


Foam density plays an essential role in the firmness of the cushion. Higher-density foam means greater firmness. So if you want a sofa cushion that gives a firmer experience, then you must prefer the higher-density foam otherwise you must go for the lower foam density. 

Further, most of the manufacturer uses a lower density foam on the back cushions, while the sitting area usually has less foam density.


  • Durability


Check the durability of the foam before buying it. Foam with the greater durability means that you are going to enjoy it for a longer duration. Ensure that the foam does not mess up after a short period of using it. 

Most of the foam present in the sofa cushions usually last for a few months, and after that, they do not give the same results as they used to give in the beginner. So ensure to avoid such foams.


  • Firmness


You can pick either a firmer or a soft cushion according to your wish. Most manufacturers produced soft, medium as well as firm cushions that you can pick as per your choice. You can have a better idea about the cushion firmness by touching it.

Things to Look While Buying Foam for Sofa Cushions

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